Community helpers writing activity

The best part about this activity is that it was self scaffold - they wrote on their level. Use the correct tractor to haul the matching pile of alphabet hay.

The auditory modality is addressed when the students listen the teacher read the book and give instructions on what the students are supposed to do. Afterwards, I gave the students a writing prompt to see what they would do if they were President of the United States.

Talk about your community with the children at circle time. You could then use this song in the future when you use a specific helper theme for a week dentist week, etc. This week we have focused on community helpers.

Summer Community Helpers

Follow up by asking each child to choose a building to create. Community Vehicles Turn boxes into vehicles. For our writing wall they wrote about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Now, you can stand in the box and pull it up to your waist!

Community Helpers Preschool Theme

The teacher and the students will discuss some different types of community helpers from the book and list them on the board. As we can see, many tools in the community are used differently, just as Jon Muth showed us the different ways the rain and sun affect people in the community.

Community Vehicles Turn boxes into vehicles. I have used boxes that photocopier paper comes in. The set also comes with police officer play figures. Show pictures and ask children to name the person and the job they do. They get to practice dialing with 3D 9 and 1 buttons on this little phone.

They use markers to draw what their building will need windows, doors, etc. The teacher will then tell the students to select one community helper. Help the animals line up in order.

Have each student spell and sound out the words of the community helper they would like to be and that they spoke about. Block Area Community Helpers Theme Block Center Ideas Add people, trucks, cars and emergency vehicles to the block area to encourage making your city or town!

Another fun game is "Name That Community Helper. Perfect for Halloween writing! I will give flags to people. Every student will be able to benefit from this lesson because all three of the different learning modalities are addressed.

Roll dice and count to see which fire to put out next. Before the game begins, teachers pass the community helper "Popsicle puppets" to their students.

If there is something specific you're looking for, that I didn't cover, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do. To make it easier, cut out oval shaped openings into each of the long sides for the children to hold onto the boxes with while they are standing in them. Feel free to PIN anything you think others may find helpful.

So many SK's did a second page! Now, you can stand in the box and pull it up to your waist!

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Each of you will be partnered up. Explain that a community helper is anyone who helps others by providing a service. Match up the letters to help the construction workers prep their cones.

I used this book to talk to the students about what the President actually does and be able to show them some great visuals of presidents and the White House! This lesson includes printable activities:Close Read Mini Books, Writing Activity, Craftivity, and many more Printables.

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Half of these cards show easily recognizable community workers, the other half show the tools they use.

* NEW * Community Helpers Picture Dictionary

Set includes 27 workers cards, 27 “tools” cards, and two activity cards (3⅛" x 5¼"). You are here: Home / Freebies by Category / Community Helpers Themed Printables and Activities November 5, by Sarah Affiliate links may have been used in this post.

Free community helpers and careers alphabet coloring pages, posters and handwriting worksheets featuring D'Nealian or Standard block guidelines to learn how to write for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary grades.

The students will also be able to write down how the different helpers benefit or help the community. Curriculum Areas Integrated: The curriculum areas integrated will be writing and art. Writing will be integrated when the students write down the three ways in which the person they picked helps the community.

The teacher or therapist will read the adapted book with students, as students follow along, match the correct pictures to each page, and learn to identify who each community helper is, and how they help us.

Community helpers writing activity
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